How to sell old phone at best price

how to sell old phone at best price

How to sell old phone at best price – If you are planning to sell your old phone, we will tell you what you should do before that. If you want to sell the phone, then you have to remove all your data inside it. If you are bored with your existing phone and are planning to buy a new smartphone, then it is apparent that you will have to sell your current phone, or you may be planning to give it to someone else. If you are planning to sell it, we will tell you what you should do before that.

If you want to sell the phone, you will have to extract all your data inside it and store it in the new phone, and many other things will have to be done before selling the old phone. Here we are telling you about all the things that you should do before selling your old phone.

Here we are going to talk about how to sell old mobile at a reasonable price? If you want to sell old mobile, then with the Cashify business mentioned here, you can sell your old phone online sitting at home, and you will get good money for it. I have sold my old phone using Cashify. I got the best price for my phone. In such a situation, if you also want to sell your Used Phone. Then you are right place.

Suppose you are wondering which new tips this is. Even before this, there are many Websites & Apps. By using which we can sell Used Phone. Yes, if you are thinking, then you are right. There are many Used Phone Selling Services available on the Internet. But Cashify is the best among them. You will know about it in detail here. Why Cashify is the best? But before that, we know that.

What is Cashify?

Cashify is an online and offline marketplace where mobile phones, tablets, laptops are bought and sold, and Cashify smartphone repairing facilities are also available in many zones. In today’s time, more than 23 lakh customers have been associated with Cashify, and they have given cash of more than 1747.58 crores to the seller of old phones. Any smartphone can be sold here, and you can get a better price according to them.

How to sell the used phone on Cashify?

Cashify is an online marketplace, but you can sell every Old Phone, Laptop, Tablet and get the best price for your old phone. Just for this, we have to follow some basic steps.

We can use Cashify on Desktop and Mobile. We already use Mobile Phones more. So here I am going to talk about Used Phone Selling using Cashify Mobile App.

I have sold my Redmi Note 4 Smartphone using Cashify, and I have got its best price. If you also have mobile of any brand. So you download Cashify App and follow the tips.

Step 1. After downloading the app, first, we have to create an account. For this, we have to use our mobile number and email.

Step 2. After setting up the account, we have to come to the Cashify App Home Screen and click “What would you like to sell today”? You have to click on the mobile icon from the option.

Step 3. Now from here, we have to select the brand of our phone. As my phone is of Xiaomi brand, then I will choose MI and choose your brand.

Step 4. After selecting the brand of the phone, we have to choose the model of the phone. As the model of my phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Step 5. As we select the phone model, we will get to see an Estimate Price like Cashify. For our phone’s actual or assured price, we have to click on “Find Assured Selling Price.”

Step 6. Cashify takes different tests about our phone to tell the assured price of the phone. To which we have to answer. for example

Is the phone switch ON or not?

Step 7. Phone Physical Functions is correct or not?

Step 8. Is your phone’s Original Charger, Bill, and Box or not?

Step 9. Is the phone in the Warranty Period or not?

Step 10. Overall condition of the phone Kaisa hai?

Step 11. After completing the test, we will get the Assured Price of our phone, and if we use this CFJ9WF code as a Coupon code, we will get Rs.250 more by adding it to the phone’s price.

Step 12. The price of my phone given by Cashify is the best for me, and I am Satisfy. If you are also satisfied with the cost of your phone, then now we have to click on Sell Now.

Step 13. After clicking on Sell Now, you will be asked about uploading the Invoice. In which we have to capture and upload the photo of our Phone Invoice bill.

Step 14. After uploading the Invoice, we have to enter the Pickup Address from where the Cashify team can take the phone from us. For this, we can select the address manually and using GPS.

Step 15. To set the address, we have to select the payment mode so that when we sell the phone, we can receive payment from Cashify. For this, we can choose Bank Account, Wallet, Voucher, or Cash Mode.

After setting everything up, we will not have to talk to the customer like OLX, nor will we reduce our price. The price we see on Cashify, we will get that price instantly as soon as the Cashify team picks up our phone.

Benefits of Selling Cashify Par Used Phone?

We all know that we can sell our phone on OLX or sell the phone offline. So why should we sell the phone on Cashify?

We can get the best price for the phone on Cashify.

We will not have to bargain to sell the phone. The price we will see on Cashify will get the same price for our phone.

Like we list our phone on Cashify, after that, we do not have to do anything. After that, everything is managed by Cashify. As soon as our phone is sold, instant money will be received from our account.

Many more features are available in Cashify App, which can be helpful for our phones. Such as Cloud Storage backup, Booster which makes our phone easy to operate.

There is also a Refer & Earn Tax Program in the Cashify App. In such a situation, if we go through our profile and refer this app to any of our friends. So as soon as he sells his phone using Cashify, we will get 150 rupees.

Friends, here I have Cashify Ke Help Se Phone Ko Best Price Par Kaise Sell Kare? It has been explained in great detail. Suppose you want the best price to sell your old phone. So today, you download Cashify Mobile App and follow all the process as mentioned above.

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