How to hide your profile pictures from all contacts in Whatsapp


WhatsApp, the most loved instant messaging app globally, often introduces new features and updates to make its app more fun and engaging. This year, the company has also launched many new services, including the Always Mute feature, Multiple device support feature, WhatsApp Payment, and WhatsApp Business. Privacy features like blocking contacts have also been provided in the messaging platform. The app also gives users the option to hide their profile pictures from all contacts.

WhatsApp profile pictures can also be saved by taking screenshots through contacts or users. That’s why WhatsApp gives users the option to hide their profile pictures from users who are not included in their contacts list. Along with this, users can also delete their profile pictures from all their contacts.

Check Here Easy Steps To Hide Your Profile Picture

Step 1: First of all, open your WhatsApp account
Step 2: Go to the Settings app, Click on Account, Go to Privacy option
Step 3: Tap on Profile Photo
Step 4: The option of default setting ‘Everyone’ will be given in the list of options
Step 5: If users want their profile pic to be visible to their contacts, select ‘My Contacts’
Step 6: If you do not want the profile pic to be shown to anyone, click on the Nobody option

After the profile pic is hidden, users see a gray-coloured window in the WhatsApp chatbox. There is no option to hide profile pictures from only certain users on WhatsApp. However, users can remove those contacts from their contact list and then set the app privacy from WhatsApp to My Contacts.

WhatsApp users can also mark their chats as unread.

Many times users read WhatsApp messages but forget to reply to them. In such a case, users can also mark a chat as unread on the app, which can serve as a reminder to reply to those messages later. To mark a chat as Unread, users press and hold the chat, after which an Unread option will appear on Android. iPhone users can swipe the chat to the right and tap the Unread icon to mark the conversation unread.

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