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How to find stolen mobile phone

How to find stolen mobile phone

How to find stolen mobile phone : Cases of theft of expensive smartphones are increasing rapidly. find stolen mobile, People are financially harmed by mobile theft, Cases of theft of expensive smartphones are increasing rapidly. People are financially harmed by mobile theft,  but there is a danger of leaking their data. This also increases the chances of banking fraud. In such a situation, the question arises about what to do if the smartphone is stolen and where to register its complaint. So you will get the answer here in this news of ours. Today we will tell you a process by which you will file a complaint of a stolen handset. Let’s know the whole process.

What to do if a mobile phone is stolen In case of mobile theft, you have first to register an FIR in the police station. Mobile theft reports can be filed offline as well as online mode. After registering the complaint, the complainant must take a copy of the FIR and the complaint number.

This is how to complain about a stolen smartphone.

To register a complaint about theft or lost mobile, first of all, visit the website of CEIR
Login to the website by signing here
Now you will see three options here, from which choose the option of Block Stolen / Lost Mobile.
After selecting the option, a page will open on your screen, upload your mobile number, IMEI number, FIR, and mobile bill copy to it.
After this, enter the loss of mobile phone, district, state, police station, FIR number, and phone loss date.
After all these details, enter your name and address and click on submit button by uploading a soft copy of your Aadhar card for proof.
By doing this, your complaint will be registered, and the search for the stolen mobile will start. Additionally, They will be able to trace the stolen mobile.
If any detail is found about the phone, then you will get its information immediately.

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