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whatsapp chat transfer from android to iPhone

whatsapp chat transfer from android to iPhone
WhatsApp Chat automatically makes backups of users’ chats, but chats cannot be transferred when shifting from one operating system to another active system device. Data backup is significant for users using WhatsApp. Usually, all users keep a backup of their chat and data, but users face a problem when users shift from Android to iOS. In such a situation, there is a problem in backing up the chat of users. Here we are telling you some ways by which you can save the conversation.

Backup problem due to OS and cloud storage support

There is usually a problem in moving WhatsApp chat from one operating system to another operating system device. It is the same with Android and iPhone. The main reason for this is the failure to support iOS devices of Google Backup and Android devices of iCloud. However, there is a trick whereby you can save your chat even in OS shift.

Email chat

Emailing WhatsApp chat is a feature that allows you to save the entire conversation over email. Here you can save your chat in an email draft. For this, you have to first go to the settings of WhatsApp. Go to the chat history given in the settings and go to the email chat option. Select target chat here.

Chat will not be saved in WhatsApp Messenger.

Now you have to open the email on your new smartphone. Here you will see the chat saved in the draft of the email. Please tell that chat with this trick will not be transferred to your WhatsApp Messenger app. Its advantage is simply that your old chats will be saved in email, which can be accessed by going to the mail account if needed.

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