PUBG is back in india


PUBG is back in india : Krafton has given a glimpse of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Game in the Indian market today, and it will be launched soon. PUBG Mobile game maker South Korean company has prepared this game for Indian users, which is excellent news for those who play Royal Battle Game. See what is unique in this new avatar of PUBG and what are the gamers going to benefit from it?

Good News! PUBG is back in india! Now Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new avatar

Krafton, a famous game maker, is soon to introduce Battlegrounds Mobile India, an excellent mobile game in India whose teaser has been launched. South Korean company making PUBG Mobile has designed this game for Indian users. The new Battle Royal game is already equipped with premium features. It will get an AAA multiplier gaming experience with new outfits and features such as exclusive in-game events.


Battlegrounds Mobile India will debut with its EcoSport system, which will also include tournaments and leagues. Apart from the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has also released a teaser video that shows the similarity of Pabji Mobile to the game. The PUBG Mobile game was banned along with many Chinese apps in the Indian market last year. Users have been waiting for the PUBG re-launch for a long time. Now a new option of PUBG has come in front of people.

Pre-registration will start soon.
Krafton said that Battlegrounds Mobile India would also be available for pre-registration before its official launch in India. This new game will be launched uniquely in India. The most prominent feature in this game will be that it will get a tricolour theme. Apart from this, the company claims that the complete data collection and storage of Battlegrounds Mobile India will be safe for the government’s safety and players.

Let us tell you that the central government is concerned about data privacy and security regarding PUBG Mobile. Now the company has taken steps at a particular level because of it. Last year, the government banned 117 other Chinese apps, including Pubzi Mobile. Shortly after the game was banned, Krafton terminated its connection to PUBG Mobile’s subsidiary Tencent, offering PUBG or PUBG in countries such as India.

Krafton tried its best to lift the ban on the PUBG mobile game but to no avail. With this, the company made a plan to keep Indian data at the local level and create a team of 100 people in India. The company had also announced an investment of about Rs 738 crore in the country. After doing all this, no solution was found, and after that, the company introduced the new game Battlegrounds Mobile India. The teasers of these new games were seen for a few days recently, and now the company has made all these rumours true. At present, no information has been received about the launch date or pre-registration date of its game.

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