Top 5 hidden features in Instagram

Top 5 hidden features in Instagram

Top 5 hidden features in Instagram : Instagram is a social platform used by more than a billion users to post different pictures and videos about anything connecting with people worldwide, socializing and messaging them. Instagram offers many different features. There are some hidden features that you can use to enhance your profile. Some of the hidden features are:

Hide Extra Hashtags

If you want your content to get discovered on Instagram, you’re going to need to use hashtags. But too many hashtags can make your captions look like a busy mess. There are a few ways that you can avoid unnecessary clutter. One thing that you can do is use line breaks. Another option is to leave hashtags out of your captions entirely. Instead, you can put them in a comment to your post.

Set up two-factor authentication

You can never be too confident, but with the security of your Instagram account, you can set up two-factor authentication so that no one is not one can break into your Account and access your Account. Follow the steps given to set up two-factor authentication.
Tap the gear icon/3 dots on the top of your page to go to your Options page. Under Account, you should find Two-factor Authentication. Clicking on it will bring you to a page with a toggle labelled Require Security Code. Turning it on will bring up a text prompt telling you that Instagram will text your phone a security code every time you log on.

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Organizing saved reels and posts

As you know, you can save posts and reels on the Instagram feed, But did you know that you can organize the saved post and reels by folders? Follow the steps:
First, to save other people’s images and put them in your collections, tap the bookmark symbol under their post.

Now go to your profile. Above your photos should be a row of icons. Tap the bookmark button on the far right.

Choose the Collections tab and tap the + icon at the top to create a new collection. After naming the collection, hit Next and select any saved images you want to add to the collection. Hit Next one more time when you are finished.


Receive a notification when someone else post

there are a lot of reasons to follow someone on Instagram you know them, they influence you you are a big fan of them, so you can follow them on Instagram and every time they post, the post appears on your feet, but if you want to be the first one to know when they post Something you can turn on the notifications by going to their profile. Every time they post Something, you will get a notification, and you can be the first to react to the post or know about them.

Archiving a post

Sometimes when you post Something’s on your feed. Then later, you want to hide it, Not delete it. You can achieve the post to hide from your Instagram feed so that the other user can’t see it. Still, it’s on your profile, so anytime you need to make it visible on your profile, you can unarchive it, and the number of likes and comments on the post will remain the same.

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