What is Google Assistant ? How to use?


Google Assistant is a voice assistant for Google. Google Assistant was a Google Now extension when it was introduced, intended to be personal and building on the current “OK Google” voice controls from Google.
Originally, Google Now smartly dug out important details for you. It knew where you sat, your meetings and travel plans, the sports teams you wanted, and what interested you such that it could provide you with information that you need.
Google Assistant features voice prompts, voice search, and voice-activated system access, helping you perform a range of tasks after the words “OK Google” or “Hey Google” have been spoken. It’s supposed to supply you with conversational experiences.

Google Assistant can:

  • Control your smart home and devices
  • Access your calendars’ details and other sensitive information
  • Find online content, from restaurant reservations to directions, weather, and news.
  • Power the music of yours
  • Use the Chromecast or other compatible computers to play video
  • Run alerts and timers
  • Send messages and arrange appointments
  • Open apps on your phone
  • Read your notifications to you

For follow-up questions, Continuing Dialog means you don’t have to say “Hey Google” Instead, it listens for an answer without having a prompt word all the time after you’ve started talking to Google. Google can now understand various individuals’ speech profiles because it recognizes who is talking to it and can customize the answers accordingly. You may also inquire about different objects at the same time. It will respond in an educated or knowledgeable way, as Google Assistant knows you and understands the meaning. That’s good because it offers a lot of power to speech control and takes it from responding only to particular phrases or commands. More than just reactive, it’s engineered to be.

Apps include the option to sign in for your flight (depending on the carrier and destination), as well as the ability to book a room for certain guests, and there is also an Interpreter Feature on Google Home smartphones and smart displays. Through it, you can query Google Assistant in hundreds of languages to help you conduct a discussion. To support the dialogue, say “Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter” to launch Interpreter Mode and get a real-time spoken and written translation (on Smart Displays).

The cornerstone of smart home control is Google Assistant on Google Home phone. It’s compatible with a wide variety of gadgets, so you can use your voice to monitor fire, lighting, and a lot more.
On most Android phones, Google Assistant is available, with all recent releases providing the AI system. Google Assistant is also available on smartphones that offer another AI system, such as Samsung’s Bixby. If you have Android on your computer, your phone has Google Assistant on it.

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