WhatsApp Vs Telegram: Which chatting app is the best for you

WhatsApp Vs Telegram

WhatsApp and telegram are messaging platforms that are made to make your communication quick and easy. Both of the apps come with a mobile and web version; you can make a voice call and send a different form of media such as photos, videos, and GIFs. Despite some of the similar functions, they also have some differences.
Telegram allows you to share up to 1.5 gigabytes of a file, which is a large amount of data compared to WhatsApp. Which only enables you to share up to 16 megabytes of data. Telegram allows you to go global, which means, if you search any movie name or web series name, it will take you to all the channels from where you can download movies, web series of your choice, a feature WhatsApp does not include. Telegram doesn’t allow you to make video calls, which WhatsApp does. It is an excellent feature for anyone wanting to talk to people outside the country we are video calls as it doesn’t charge international calling charges.
Both Telegram and WhatsApp have read receipt, which means it shows confirmation that the user has read the message, the difference here is that WhatsApp allows you to turn off read received and telegram doesn’t, so if you want a little bit more privacy, you can get it. The number of members you can include in a group also varies as WhatsApp only allows you to 56 members. On the other hand, telegrams allow you about 1000 members, which can be extended.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram
With WhatsApp’s acquisition by Facebook, people become increasingly suspicious of platform privacy, which is a significant factor in any messaging platform. The privacy policy of telegram is way better than WhatsApp. As there are several telegram features with which you can ensure your privacy, like self-destructing messages, meaning a message or photo will disappear. After a specified period, the telegram also has a public username, so your profile is secured in telegram. You don’t need to have someone’s phone number to start a conversation with them, ensuring your privacy.
Telegram has cloud storage, which means all your text images and files are getting saved on the cloud, so you can logout and login as many times as you want. Your data won’t go missing telegram and allow the user to compress the image or video to save data. It also has bots of artificial intelligence used to perform certain activities. They do not require any other installation. They work inside telegram. The availability factor also plays a significant role as telegram is available across almost every operating system. So the platform you’re using for messaging depends on who you are messaging and your priorities, but in my opinion, telegram is a better approach for instant messaging.

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