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6 Hidden Features On Your Android Phone

For everyone using Android, You should know that some hidden features can enhance your mobile performance. Some of the features of Android which are hidden but can be accessed are:

Create Desktop Backup Password: 

You can create the backup password for an Android device to recover it using your desktop. If ever it goes missing for this, you have to follow some steps. 

  • Go to Settings -> Developer Options. 
  • Tap on a Desktop backup password. 
  • Fill in the current password, then type and retype the new password for a full backup. 

Reducing battery consumption: 

You can minimize your battery consumption by using many techniques, one of which is you turn off the animation effects. Animation effects are the effects you have when you switch between apps or when you open an app. Or any program. By switching off the animation, you can. Reduce your battery consumption by a lot. 

Using Google Maps offline. 

Google Maps is a very efficient app to use, showing you directions to any place from your current location. Your Android can download Maps of the particular area, and then you can browse it without any Internet connection. So you can download the Maps of the areas you mostly travel to, like the place of your work or Your home address. 

Save webpage as PDF. 

As you know, many of us need information; we use the Internet every day. Uses you can. Download these web pages as PDF so that you don’t have to use data every time you open them. For this, you have to just. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner. And then click on share. Then you can save it as a PDF on your device. It’s a very efficient feature that many of us didn’t know existed. 

What’s this song? 

This feature is handy if you are a song geek like me. You know the times when you have a song stuck in your head, but you can’t remember any of the lyrics. This is the best feature for it. It acts as a shortcut to Google Assistant. You can say what’s this song and the feature will Allow your smartphone to listen out for music, whether it’s coming from a TV, radio, or something else. 

Keep your alarm on while your phone is off. 

Nearly all modern Android phones support this feature. If you want to save your device memory through the night, you can turn off your phone without affecting your alarm. Just set your alarm as you usually do. Switch off your phone, and it will automatically switch on a minute before the alarm goes. Some phones even remind you that your handset will wake when the alarm goes off. 

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