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Why iOS is better than Android? android and ios

android and ios

Android and iOS are the two most used operating systems all across the world. They have been competing for each other since the dawn of time, but in the past several years, iOS has beaten Android buy a lot, there are several reasons why iOS is better than Android.
Firstly iOS is faster and smoother than Android. The speed difference between iOS and Android has been a source of argument between tech reviewers, but as per the various tests conducted, it has been proven that iOS is faster than Android.
Secondly, it has better hardware and software we all have heard about the face identification used by iOS. Many companies have tried to copy face identification. Still, none has succeeded in it, and another example includes the privacy and data protection that iOS provides it is nowhere near the data protection promised by Android.

Android and ios

iOS platform is favoured by a lot of developers to launch new apps instead of Android which means that iOS will get the new apps way before Android another great advantage of using iOS over Android is there are no pre-installed apps that you might find annoying, as seen in many Android systems there are a lot of pre-installed apps which can not be uninstalled they are just using the space and ram.
Another great advantage of using iOS is Apple Pay. We have all started using online payment daily for even little things. Apple Pay is the most popular method for making payments because it’s easy to use and secured another great advantage of using iOS is its update updating process of iOS is way better than Android because as soon as there is a new update the iOS device gets that latest update, iOS also provides you with the benefit of always having the latest version in your pockets. Hence, if you are among the people who like to have the latest version in no time, iOS is your go-to.
Yet another benefit that iOS provide is its resale value, nobody wants to use an outdated phone when all of their colleagues and friends have the latest version which can be expensive most of the times which are where iOS benefits you As the resale value of iOS is web greater than Android so if you want to get rid of your outdated mobile and get a new latest mobile instead it won’t Make your pockets hurt.

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