what is tinder and How to use tinder for free

what is tinder and How to use tinder for free

what is tinder and How to use tinder for free : Tinder is a popular dating app. what is tinder and How to use tinder for free. The app receives 1.7 billion swipes and 26 million matches every day. If you are a new user of this app and do not know how to use it, do not panic, we are going to inform you today.The most important thing about Tinder is that you want to make friends around you with the help of it and if you want to be remote. With the help of this app, you will know those people looking for a good friend like you.

Tinder is a popular dating app. The app receives 1.7 billion swipes and 26 million matches every day. Tinder shows users their profiles by location. On this app, one has to swipe left or right to select and reject any profile. When left swipe from both sides, they have a crush message authentication, after which both users can chat with each other. If you are a new user of this app and don’t know how to use it, don’t panic, we Going to give you information about it. This is a swiping app under which you can choose photos of other users with swiping motion. Those selected photos that match your photo are swipe to the right, and those which do not match are swipe to the left. Thus, with this app’s help, you can find the desired partner and interact with him, and if you want, you can also make him your spouse.

How to use tinder. First of all, download Tinder’s app from the App Store.
Android: Search the Play Store and install this app. iPhone / iPad Users: Search Tinder on the App Store and install it.

How to use tinder. Follow these steps to use Tinder.
1. Login: Login to the app with your phone number or Facebook account. Logging into Facebook Tinder is a good option because it makes the user’s friend list, photos, and other information of profile easily available.

2. Profile: Go to profile icon, tap on gear icon in-app settings. Make changes according to your need.

3. Discovery Settings: Go to Settings and select Location, Interest, Distance, and Age. In this, you can keep the location of your choice or even the default location. Select the gender of your choice in the ‘Show Me’ section. Set the range and distance of the edge according to your need in the section of age (age) and distance. Users can also customize the profile address with the web profile option.

4. App Settings: In its app settings section, there is a Notification and Contact Us section. With Notification, you can change the settings of push notifications, and in the Contact Us section, the help and support of the users are available.

5. Edit Profile: To edit your profile, go to the profile option and tap on Edit info. Apart from the profile picture, you can also select a job title, company, school, etc.

6. Matching process: In this app, profiles are visible to users according to their settings. Users can like, reject, and super like them. You can reject a profile with the ‘X’ button, like Hurt’s designed button, and super like with the ‘*’ button. You can reject a profile with a left swipe and super like by swiping right.

7. Sending Messages: As soon as your profile matches with someone, you can find out about the profiles that match you by tapping on the message icon. You can then start a conversation by tapping on any profile.

8. Paid Membership: On Tinder, you can only swipe or like 100 lights in 12 hours. There are many other restrictions for free Yazurs on it. To get rid of these restrictions, you can take Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus membership.

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