Is Signal better than WhatsApp?

Is Signal better than WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a well known social media platform. All across the country, and is the top messaging app in India Or shall I say, was because another fast-growing app in the market known as signal and the number of people using signal is growing day by day now the vital question arises why? Is signal better than WhatsApp?

As both of the apps have Many similarities like end-to-end encryption messaging, your messages can’t be read by anyone except you and the person you are talking to, Broadcasting messages, video calls, audio calls, etc. The main difference in the privacy policy is that any person creating an account in any social media platforms asks themselves one question: whether my data is secured.

As WhatsApp has recently updated its previous policy stating some of the policies that make people question whether it is reliable or not, The result of the new privacy policy is that users are not finding it reliable. The new policy states that now WhatsApp can read your IP address. The information associated with your account the word about your device the amount of data you are using tracking your location. Messages you send are sometimes backed up on the server without the encryption which means that anyone who can get into the server can read your private notes.

People using WhatsApp for any transaction. And Whatsapp should be warned. Because the policy also states that the information about those transactions and amount is being stored. You might not think that is data is beneficial to someone in any way. Still, the truth is that this data can be used in multiple ways to harm you or manipulate you, you can be spam with information that is not true, leading to affecting your choices about an important matter. Your private chats can be used as a way to blackmail you and get some ransom in return. These are just a few things that can go wrong if your data gets leaked because the human mind never fails to surprise the limits it can cross.

On the other hand, the signal has a watertight privacy policy none of your data is getting leaked not even The name of the user. The signal is a non-profitable social media platform which means that it doesn’t profit from us. After the tech billionaire, Elon Musk tweeted, and I quote “use signal”. People are getting crazy over how brilliant this app is. It provides you with the same features as WhatsApp but with her better privacy policy. Let’s agree that nobody wants their private messages or data to be leaked. So if you like to text with your friends without being worried about what you say or not and If privacy is your topmost priority. You should go for the signal, as it is highly Secured and reliable and way better than WhatsApp.

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