Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Number Plate

Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Number Plate : You will see all kinds of vehicles on the roads every day, there will be no question in your

Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Number Plate : You will see all kinds of vehicles on the roads every day, there will be no question in your mind by looking at the cars, but as soon as you see your eyes on the number plates of different colours in the vehicles, you will become confused. Other coloured number plates also have different meanings. Know what is meant by the number of plates of every colour. To remove ambiguity about the number plates of vehicles, the central government on Thursday shared information about different coloured number plates. The central government issued a notice that a green number plate will be installed on the battery-powered vehicles, on which the number will be marked with yellow colour.

White plate: First of all, let’s talk about the white number plate. This plate is a symbol of standard vehicles. This vehicle is not used commercially.

Numbers are written in black colour above this plate. By the way, most people can easily guess that it is a personal vehicle after seeing the white colour.

Yellow plate: You can easily recognize the yellow-coloured number plate that it is a taxi.

Yellow plates are usually mounted in trucks or taxis that you use commercially. Numbers are also written in black colour inside this plate.

Blue plate: A blue number plate found on a vehicle that is used by foreign representatives. You can easily find a car with this colour number plate in cities like Delhi.

The blue plate states that the vehicle belongs to the foreign embassy or the UN mission. Numbers are written in white colour on this blue plate.

Black plate: Black plate cars are also usually commercial vehicles, but they are for a particular person. These types of cars will found standing in any big hotel. Such cars have a black number plate, and the yellow number is written on it.

Red plate: If a car has a red number plate, it belongs to India’s President or the Governor of a state.

These people use official vehicles without a license. In this plate, the numbers are written in golden colour, and in these vehicles, the red number plate is made of Ashoka’s lotus sign.

Number plate with an arrow: Different numbering systems used for military vehicles. The Ministry of Defense allocates the number of such vehicles.

In the number plate of such trains, there is an arrow pointing upwards in place of the first or third digit of the number called the broad arrow. After the hand, the first two digits show how the Army bought that vehicle, which is 11 digits.

Green number plate: Not only this, the road ministry has set the colour of number plates for electric transport vehicles.

The plate’s background will be green and will have yellow or white numbers according to the car category, ie in the private vehicle, now the green background with the white number and the yellow number and green background in the commercial electric vehicle Will happen.

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