What is Operating System? Types of OS, Features

Without the operating system, the computer has no existence in itself. No device works without it. Generally, we can say that the operating system is a program that performs operations of other programs since computer hardware does not understand our language. It understands the binary number or the language of 0,1 or the machinery language. Therefore, the operating system hardware acts as a medium between the application system and the users. The operating system manages all application programs with excellent efficiency and simplicity. The operating system works as a medium by keeping the computer running and capable of functioning and converting our instructions in the machine language and our language, such as -MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Unix, Linux, Android OS, iOS, etc.

Due to the operating system, the user does not have to keep information about different parts of the computer, and at the same time, the user can do all his work without any stress. It distributes and arranges the means of the system. There are many other useful departments of the operating system, many of which are performed by the central processor. For example, when printing is done, the central processor leaves the operating system’s work by giving necessary instructions and starts doing its next task.

Some operating systems

1.MS dos: Its full name is Microsoft Disc Operating System. It was Microsoft’s first operating system. It was a nongraphical command operating system but was not user friendly. You had to remember a lot of commands. It worked on the commands. Its most famous version was DOS-7.0.

2.MS Windows: This is a GUI (Graphical user interface) operating system developed by Microsoft. It is the design and user-friendly, keeping in mind the shortcomings of MS-DOS. Its versions window 95,98,2000, XP, Xp3, window There are 7, 8,10 etc.

3.Unix – This OS was found in 1969. This operating system was created for programmers and developers. This operating system is used more in servers and logic stations. Unix was first written in assembly language. In 1973 it was written in ‘C’ programming language. It has data management by Kernal. It is a multi-user and multip tasking operating system.

4.Linux – Its first version was introduced in 1991. This operating system is similar to Unix. It is based on Linux kernel. It is mainly used for servers. It is a multi-user and multiprogramming operating system in which more than one user can access and use computer hardware simultaneously.

Operating system functions –

1. Operating system stores various types of new programs like- M.S.Office, printer, VLC media player, Photoshop, PageMaker, etc. As a result, the user works, keeping in mind their need and usage.

The operating system itself creates, erases, and moves files from one place to another and arranges the file directory.
The operating system divides the process program and data into memory and also starts and ends the process.
4. It acts as a medium between the user and the hardware approach.

Features of Operating System –

1.Manages all the devices connected to the computer such as modems, printers, keyboards, mice, etc.

2. Operating system manages both hardware and software in a computer.

The operating system protects your data.
4. It provides information about viruses and other threats.

5. Co-ordinates between users and other programs.

6. Operating system allows users to install application software as per their requirement to perform many tasks.

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