What is OTT? How do movies earn from the OTT platform?


Nowadays, all the movies are released on the OTT platform due to the lock of a cinema house due to the country’s lockdown. Do you know what this OTT Platform is? What is the full form of OTT & how its Work? When did OTT start? How do OTT platforms make money? So let’s know about OTT.

OTT is a video streaming app through which we entertain. For entertainment, where you needed cable TV, satellite TV, or set-up-boxes, you used to watch movies, serials, comedy shows, etc. Wherever today, you can do whatever you want from OTT (TV shows). Web series, Bollywood movie, Hollywood movie, music, etc.).

You are providing on demand video through the Internet on the OTT platform. For the OTT platform, if you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., and have an internet connection, you can watch any program on-demand through the Internet on the OTT platform.

The OTT platform is not a new trade in India. For the last 3-4 years, big-film stars have acted on the OTT platform. His web series has also arrived.
India’s leading OTT platform is Prime video by Amazon, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar, Eros Now, Sony LIV, Zee 5, YuppTV, Boot, Mx Player, etc.


Services of OTT Platform run in three ways

TVOD (Transactional video on demand) –
In this service of the OTT Platform, this facility provided that if customers want to watch their favorite TV shows or movies once, they can rent or buy.

SVOD (Subscription video on demand) –
If customers like to watch video streaming content, they have to subscribe to it and pay some charges to subscribe.

AVOD (Advertising video on demand) –
In this, customers can see the content for free, but they have to see the ad in between to see the content. It also cannot be skipped. The ad has to be seen ultimately.

When did the OTT platform debut?

The OTT platform launched in 2008 in India. When Reliance Entertainment started an OTT service called Bigflix, then the nexGTv mobile app launched in 2010. This app was the first app to watch live Indian Premier League match.

Then in 2013, the Ditto TV app & Sony Liv launched. But 4G and internet speed were not as successful at that time. And The Hotstar app launched in 2015 after that.

How to make money from the OTT Platform?

If you want to watch a movie, web series, or serial on the OTT platform, you have to subscribe to the OTT platform. You subscribe to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc., OTT Platform. This subscription charges 150 rupees or 200 rupees per month for one person. So how many people must have taken subscription here? There is the first revenue point of the OTT platform.

Apart from this, if you are searching for a movie on YouTube like buy or rent, then it comes to purchase or lease, then you have to watch that movie, then you have to buy or rent that movie.

In this way, they have income in another way and also their income through the ad. You will see on OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., that some content like movies, serials, comedy shows, etc., get free, and You get to see the ad in it. So they keep that ad money with themselves. The person who receives the ad gives money to those who have the OTT Platform, and they keep it with them. The process through which OTT platforms make money.

How do movies earn from the OTT Platform?

Film rights have to buy for the release or streaming of films on the OTT platform, and the filmmaker receives a sum for these rights. And these deals are different for different language ​​versions of each film. The requests for each performance are additional.

Apart from this, some movies made by OTT Platform, i.e., OTT Platform for a particular film, such as HBO GO, an OTT platform that makes films exclusively on its platform, and in this deal, a fixed amount paid to the filmmaker. And the filmmakers make a film for less than that, and the remaining amount of money is their profit. The process is how filmmakers make money from the OTT Platform.

Benefits of OTT Platform

1. People need cable TV or DTH connection to watch TV shows and movies or any favorite program. But only through the internet from the OTT Platform can you get your favorite Shows or anything from your mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. can see.

2. People on the OTT Platform, web series, Documentary, and whatever content they see are all original content, which is not available on any other platform. Some OTT platforms make their content or web series like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

3. Due to the theater’s failure due to the lockdown. Movies are released on the OTT platform so that you can watch movies at home or anywhere on your device.

Disadvantages of OTT Platform

1. To watch movies, web series, comedy shows, etc., on the OTT Platform, you have to take a monthly subscription in which you have to pay 150 rupees or 200 rupees.

2. The fun of watching movies in theaters is not on TV or mobile or small screen.

3.The way all the channels on the TV industry will have the same content on all media. Whether DTH or cable TV or any network, you will get to see the same content, but on the OTT platform, you are given the option to choose the service and only see its content.

For example, The original web series of Netflix will not provide other OTT platforms like Amazon, Hotstar, Zee5, many more. Also, the Amazon Exclusive Web show will not found on any other platform.

If you watch Star’s content on Hotstar, you will not watch ZEE5 channels on Hotstar.

4. Children on TV, be it big, or all the family watch together, so there is a ban on language. They cannot speak the vulgar tongue, but there is abuse in the OTT platform’s web series, good, bad.

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