Vodafone-Idea launches e-sim service, currently available only for iPhone


If you feel that it is imperative to install a SIM card in the phone, you will not call or message anywhere. Then I suppose you might be wrong because many telecommunications companies in the world are offering eSIM facility. Vodafone-Idea company has also started e-SIM. Let us tell you in this article what an e-SIM is. Apart from this, we will notify you in this article what happens with the e-sim. When did the Vodafone-Idea company make its debut?

vodafone-esim-indiaNow Vodafone Idea has also launched eSIM support in India. This feature has been introduced for postpaid customers. However, the scope of eSIM is still limited. That is, E-SIM will be available for a few devices and circles at the moment. Vodafone users will no longer have trouble to install a sim card physically.

Along with the announcement of e-SIM, the company said that at present, the benefit of e-SIM support could be availed only in Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat circles. But the company promised that it would soon be made available in other cities as well.

These phones will get service

Vodafone said that currently, only users using Apple devices Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR would take advantage of e-SIM. But soon, this service will also be launched for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Also, the company plans to introduce it for other phones as well. Apple users will access the cellular network through an Integrated SIM chip instead of a physical SIM.

What is e-SIM

eSIM is an integrated SIM chip that will be inbuilt in a way in your smartphone. Due to being an e-SIM, users will not have to use a SIM card separately. With the help of e-SIM, you will be able to access calling, messaging, and the internet.

How to get Vodafone eSIM

Let us now explain through the steps of how you can get Vodafone eSIM.

  1. SMS to 199 if you are a Vodafone customer. If your email ID is not registered, then first you have to register it. For which you have to type email id and send to 199. When the email id is registered, write the eSIM email ID and send it to 199.
  2. Once the email is valid, you will receive the message from 199. Now you have to verify the request of eSIM by sending ESIMY.
  3. Once this request is confirmed, you will get a message from 199 again. You will be asked to call here.
  4. Now, you will receive a QR code on your email. Whenever you process this, keep in mind that your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned on.
  5. Now open the phone’s settings. Go to the menu and tap on Mobile Data. With this, you have to click “Add Data Plan” here. Now you have to click the QR code and follow the phone prompt.
  6. New Customers will have to visit nearby Vodafone store to get e-SIM service. Here you will be asked for ID proof and a photo. You will then be given a connection to Vodafone eSIM. After this, you can get the e-SIM activated by completing the QR code activation process.

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