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How to Export Google Photos


Unlimited storage of Google Photos will be closed, and these will be other options, now you will not be able to keep free complete Google Photos. Google Photos has announced the end of this service. That is, you will now have to transfer your photos uploaded to Google Photos elsewhere. Unlimited Storage Service Closed Google Photos has announced to discontinue its free unlimited storage service from 1 June 2021. You will not be able to store more than 15 GB of photos and videos after that. If you want to continue the unlimited storage service, then you have to pay for it. However, your old images should not count inside it. In such a situation, we will tell you what options can be there other than Google Photos. What are the options? Users have cloud storage options like Amazon Photos, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Flicker, and OneDrive, where photos & videos can be stored. You have to export your Google photos to the mentioned options. Although there are many ways to export Google Photos, we tell you an easy way. Let us explain how you can do this – Export photos like this.


First of all, go to the Google Takeout website. Then log in with your Gmail ID here. Then create new exports on the site.

  • To export new, you have to select one of the Google services given here. Like if you want to export Google Photos, then select it. One more thing, you have to deselect everyone at the top, or else all your data will be exported.
  • After that, you select your albums and photos and filter those albums which do not support export. Option to choose .zip and .tgz file formats
  • Now select multiple formats. Its files will support every image format.
  • When you have completed the selection process, choose File, Frequency, and Destination to export the selected data.
  • You can choose any of the .zip and .tgz file formats. Apart from this, select export size as well. Now click on Create Export. After this, you will send a mail to Google, in which you will be notified that you have requested the archive of Google Data.
  • When your data is exported, you will get a mail again informing you to download.

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